Design | Photography | Editing

          I'm a creative currently residing in the Greater Denver area. When I'm not holding a camera, you'll probably catch me hiking, snowboarding, enjoying sushi, or jamming out to music. I'm an experienced publication editor and growing designer, but I am primarily a passionate photographer.
I've been taking photos for well over 10 years now and have been obsessed with exploring and refining my craft. Beauty can be so instantaneous and fleeting; the world is constantly changing right in front of us. My favorite part of photography is that it enables me to capture that and share a single, unique, and special moment in time. Photography is a way to manufacture déjà vu in its literal sense, and helps us experience those moments over and over again either by ourselves or with others. 
I am completely committed to delivering the perfect shot or design, and would love to obsess over the details with you!

Prints are available for purchase at creaTD.etsy.com!